Bees in the borough project video

Here is a video about the bees in the borough project in Burnley.  It outlines the main aims of the project -to establish a thriving population of British native honeybees, expand the forage acreage for honey bees, train people in the skills of beekeeping, raise awareness of the plight of honey bees in general, establish nucleus colonies of native honeybees for local people and create and establish a nursery production of bee forage plants.  It explains how  the boundaries of the Bees in the Borough Project are dictated by a belt of high moorland surrounding the Burnley and Pendle area, thereby isolating our bees from those in the surrounding areas.

5 thoughts on “Bees in the borough project video

    • Thankyou, Your blog is very interesting as well. I did a short course in beekeeping which gave an overview of some of the topics you cover – very informative! Would you mind if I re-blog some of them? Offshoots honey is really nice, it has a subtle taste to it. I think its because there is a lot of Himalayan balsam in the area.

      • Thanks, please do reblog as many as posts as you like. We get a lot of Himalayan balsam in London too. We can tell when the bees have been visiting it, because it leaves a pale patch of pollen on the top of their thorax, where they can’t reach easily to groom it off. Sometimes new beekeepers see it and worry that their bees are going mouldy!

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